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How can I have fun and meaningful interaction with my little daughter?

This question inspired Michelle to pursue her dream of becoming a momtrepreneur, setting aside her many years of work in Human Resources and Training and Development, she discovered the exciting new world of parenting and early childhood development.

Michelle’s experience in adult learning and development also made her realize that many of life’s important skills like communication, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and learning agility are best developed from childhood. With this in mind, she began curating the magic ‘tool kit’ that can benefit both parent and child to have a healthy interaction and bonding which are essential for developing these important life skills.

Michelle launched the first KITIVITY ON THE GO kit in Shanghai in December 2017 and since then have sold hundreds of kits through word of mouth of satisfied and happy moms and kids.

Besides the selection of KITIVITY kits for kids items, there’s also an array of online and offline activities, workshops and various tutorials to help parents and children develop and grow happily together.

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Not toys, but kits for creativity

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Inspire Creativity and Ignite Imagination through Learning-by-Play

Encourage playfulness and interaction, bringing meaningful moments between parents and kids

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We partner with suppliers that uplifts local communities

Home Sweet Home is a non profit organization whose objective is to help those who are homeless and/or disabled by providing training, counselling and employment.

We bring happiness to needy children

We support Beacon Of Love Charity in partnership with the Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation to raise awareness on the plight of children with Congenital Heart Disease, and help the financing of heart surgeries for hundreds of needy children across China.

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